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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Throwing A Casino-Themed Party

So it has come down to hosting a private or corporate event; the best solution for a night so young is a casino-themed party that’s versatile enough to be enjoyed by one and all. It’s also extremely engaging and affordable. Moreover, a game is an easy escape from awkward conversations. In fact, they’re best known to bring players together. It’s all fun and games, but here are three mistakes that can absolutely ruin a casino-themed party and a little insiders tip on how to avoid the tacky situation:

1.    Not Having Adequate Gaming Accessories or Equipment

Now that you’ve thought about wanting to host a casino night, you’ll want to consider the number of people attending the event and make arrangements accordingly. You wouldn’t want to wait for an hour or two for your turn at the table, would you? You want to ensure your venue is big enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably, and you’ve enough tables and chairs for your guests to hit it all together. If a poker table is a little too much of an investment, you can order a few inexpensive table covers to keep the others engaged. Likewise, you’ll want to ensure you have enough decks of cards, dice, and chips for the night.

2.    Not Working out the Prize Well

The element of gambling that attracts players into playing is the winning prize. If every player felt they had nothing to lose, they’d stop taking any interest in the game. So to spice things up and to keep the ball rolling, you want to make sure each of the players has their eyes on the prize, so raise the stakes if you must, but don’t let the excitement of the game die.

3.    Not Monitoring Alcohol Consumption

After a high stake game, you need a drink to unwind. But for some players, finding a balance is more difficult than others. In this case, you’ll want to refrain them from drinking in excess. A good option is to have balanced access to alcohol for everyone is to hire a bartender on rotation.

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