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What to Expect at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

The bar for the boy, bat for the girl is a cultural celebration that many sectors of society have continued to celebrate through the years. The coming of age—13 for a boy or 12 for a girl—comprises commandments or mitzvoth, where prayers and blessings are said.

A Glance on the History

During the fifth century, a reference was made to the traditional bar mitzvah that’s practiced to date — this is rightly the father (of the child) thanking God for freeing him from the responsibility of his child, whose accountable for his actions hereon. Girls were roped into the confirmation ceremony during the 19th century; before this, the traditional Jewish law didn’t allow for women to perform a public mitzvah. All in all, the bar or bat mitzvah signifies the coming of age for a child and the affirmation of the Jewish identity of an individual.

Practical Aspects 

The family plans the ceremony as to where the event will take place, whom the event will be shared with, what social acts it involves, and everything that follows. Before the party, the child is expected to read prophetic readings from the Siddur/Torah or lead all parts of the prayer meeting if desired. Hereon (i.e., after receiving the bar/bat mitzvah), the son or daughter is to be held accountable for their own actions.

What to Expect

Generally, you should dress formally, with a Tallis (a shawl with fringed corners), but you don’t have to be a schlub about it. However, there are no traditional colors that you’re expected to carry. You may be expected to cover your head with kippas in some communities. But best of all is that you’re allowed to arrive as fashionably late as you please.

Offering cash gifts at a bar or bat mitzvah is always a great idea, especially now that many of us have developed financial insecurity due to the economic turndown. But embarrassing the child with memories from their childhood is never not funny. The party that follows is sure to be a blast, so you’ll want to take pictures!

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