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How to Wager Money in Craps

Craps secures its place on the ranking charts as the fastest game played in any casino. Craps is a dice game that must be played on a specifically designed table. Players are expected to place bets on what they assume the outcome of the next rolling dice will be. Here’s how to play craps in 4 easy steps:

Always Have a Game Plan

It’s important to begin with a game plan as the game gets thrilling by the minute, making it relatively easier to get swept away. Refrain from taking your bank card along with you to the table by setting a money limit in advance. It’s important to gamble within the entertainment budget or with the money you can afford to lose.  Likewise, for a healthy game, you must set a win limit and comply with it even when you’re on a winning streak.

Select Your Table

The table used to roll the dice on is often perceived as intimidating at first glance, so you must hunt for the one that fits your comfort level and budget. Remember, the layout of the craps table remains the same, but each table may have different betting limits. Moreover, it may allow the players different betting amounts when odds are in place. Pick a quieter table if you’re new to the game to be able to follow along with the game.

The game is to be played with two dice, and players are expected to bet on the outcome of each roll of the dice. The stickperson typically uses a curved stick to move them to the shooter, who must throw the dice.

Buy Chips

Put your money on the table to signal the dealer that you would like to buy chips in exchange for your money.

Place Your Bets

Initially, you may need some help from the dealer as to how you must place your bet. But after a while, you’ll come to realize that there’s never a dull moment for craps, whether it’s your turn to be the shooter or you’re betting on someone else’s roll. The rule of thumb is that bets on the outside have better odds than those in the middle of the table.

Placing wagers is done on the table for craps as the player is allowed to place chips on the bet happening right in front — be it pass line, don’t pass bets, plus the come, don’t come, big 6/8, and field. There are more than ten types of wagers. Losing bets are collected while the winning bets are paid out after each roll.

Casino Craps dice close up

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