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The 101 of Hosting a Poker Night

Quoting the infamous Dan Reed — you will show your poker greatness by the hands you fold, not the hands you play. For hosting a poker night, you’ll have to understand the ins and outs to ensure the night is a hit. Here’s the 101 on poker party perfection:

Plan Wisely

What’s a party without people? You want to get started by inviting some challenging poker players on board. This is your chance to make friends and share a hearty laugh with someone you’ve only begun to get familiar with. When you know your group, it gets easier to choose appropriate entertainment as well. Don’t crowd an excess number of guests. You want to make sure all your guests are comfortable at your venue.

The Set-Up

There’s a little bit of investment that goes into quality poker accessories, by it’s worthwhile. We’re talking about an appealing poker table or an inexpensive poker table cover to play, a set of poker chips and alcohol if you’re into it. You can set these accessories indoors or outdoors but be sure to include overhead lights, chairs at the proper height, and cushions for that added element of comfort. However, you’ll want to avoid any visual entertainment if it’s likely to distract the players from indulging in some serious poker business. In addition, make sure you’ve arranged for food beforehand; you wouldn’t want to stay worried about cooking while having your hands full.

The Game Format

You’re the host, so you get to set the tone for the night. But you want to prepare your guests beforehand for the game you’ll be playing on the very date; a little memo should do the trick. You’ll want to establish house rules to govern the casino party game being played — plan the buy-in level to keep your chips organized accordingly. However, remember to prioritize comfort levels, so you don’t end up rifting your friends away over a painful amount of money. A good host will never shy away from treating their guests with respect.

Take It Up A Notch

To get the night to flow faster, you’ll want to speed the games with two decks or perhaps a card shuffler. And after you’ve gotten the hang of it, you should make poker nights a regular practice!

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